Oil painting I have enjoyed art and drawing from as long back as I can remember. I took a couple art classes in high school, but it wasn't until college that I really considered creating art for anything more than fun. However a year in art school (Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design) made me realize that, while I loved painting and drawing, I really did not enjoy graphic design or other areas in which people can typically make a living. So I went back to my 2nd love, computer programming.

It wasn't until I became a stay-at-home mom that I found more time to paint again. I joined an art league in the town that I lived, and was able to paint maybe 2 hours a week. I started painting watercolor portraits. But life and kids took priority and I didn't have much time to develop my skills. Once we moved to Colorado in 2000, I became interested oil painting. I took a class at CU and started in. But growing kids and looming college bills sent me back into the work place and once again painting took a back seat.

Now that my kids are mostly grown I am finally able to focus on painting. I currently find myself as an emerging artist where my abilities, style and subject matter are quickly changing and improving the more time I spend working at it. Much like a new vocal artist, I find myself practicing as much as I can, looking at other people's work and trying different styles, and trying to figure out my lane and genre; basically discovering my artistic voice.